Weekend of Weddings

Weekend of Weddings

What a whirlwind it can feel like with a weekend of weddings. May 27&28 Blushington had two weddings with deliveries and so I got to step into what it looks like to arrange flowers and deliver them to the venue. 

We ordered flowers to be delivered that Wednesday before the weekend so we could process them and let the blooms open a day before starting to arrange on Thursday. 

Thursday I got to help arrange little compotes that were going to be used as center pieces at the reception for the wedding on Saturday. This was officially my "first" real garden style compote to arrange. With the help of Jayla for tips on flower placement, I feel like these turned out pretty adorable. 

Not only did I get to do the above compotes, but I was also put in charge of designing the alter arrangement which would be mounted on a wooden cross for the ceremony. This, believe me, was an explosion of emotions both terrified and excited. It was so fun to take on this challenge but also scary because it was going to be the focal point during the wedding ceremony and I have no experience to my name on arranging something like this. But, overall, I feel it turned out good! Below are some photos from the process. 

One thing that I did not realize before this internship was just how much I would love getting to be a small part of the wedding. I love meeting new people, smiling, encouraging people and helping in whatever way I can. Going with Blushington Blooms to set up both of these weddings was so special. I got to meet the beautiful brides and see their reactions when they were handed their bouquet for the first time. The busyness and excitement of the occasion is so tangible. It makes me so excited to join into this industry and work towards my new goals of most definitely doing wedding flowers for a career. 

On a happy note I wanted to leave you with a few photos from the wedding we did on Sunday. Jess and Sam are the most carefree, happy couple and I am honored to have gotten to be a part of their day! 

photography: Jessica Shae