Day one of my Internship

Surrounded by Flowers

Wednesday, May 24 was the start of an incredible summer to come because I have officially began interning with Blushington Blooms floral design! I feel like the luckiest girl to be able to work with flowers all day and then get to be apart of the brides wedding day. 

 Wednesday we started off the day with processing flowers that needed to be arranged for several weddings that would take place that weekend. It seems like such a simple task but stripping roses, cutting stems and arranging the blooms into buckets is like play time for me. I love every second I get handling flowers.  I learned some new varieties of roses including Sweet Eskimo, Ragazza, Anna, White O'hara and Majolica spray roses. Realizing how much I need to make index cards to learn all the different flower types haha! 

After processing Jayla and Brandi (co-owners of Blushington) let me begin greening compotes that were going to be used for center pieces for a wedding that following Saturday. I arranged 7 of these and then helped with cleaning up and organizing everything. We also talked about where they order flowers and the time schedule of ordering, processing, arranging and delivering. They order from a wholesaler called Botanica and try to process a day or two before arranging the flowers to allow the blooms time to open up. Delivering the flowers depends on what type of package the bride ordered. The minimum is 1,200 and that is usually just a pick up order. A 2,000 dollar order and above almost always means that Blushington Blooms will deliver the flowers to the venue on the day of the wedding. 

Overall, it was a successful and wonderful first day of my internship! I am so excited to see what all I am going to learn this summer!